About The Author

Penny Saller is a mother and grandmother who has loved writing rhyme since high school. These books were actually conceived approximately twenty years ago but just came to life when she discovered the talent of the granddaughter of her best friend from high school who illustrated the characters. Penny lives on a small farm where, along with her husband, she tends to the needs of four horses, six dogs and five cats. She is a retired nurse but has been training people to use commercial embroidery machines for the last five years. Alexandria Perkins is her friend Judy’s granddaughter and a very gifted and talented artist. Allie has been drawing for about as long as she could hold a pencil. Now sixteen, she is an amazing character artist as you can see from the illustrations in this book. Allie is a junior in high school and is involved with her church and school color guard, but her favorite pastime is definitely drawing. She has multiple siblings, dogs, and cats, and, along with her parents, is excited that she is involved with this partnership.